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Everything You Should Know About Duplex Houses

A lot of confusion still persists, with regard to duplex house meaning, although they have become quite common in Indian real estate. As they are often confused with two-story homes, what a duplex is, and how it is different from two-story homes.

What is a duplex house?

Constructed on two floors a duplex house is a residential building. It has a single kitchen and dining room. Either side-by-side or on two floors, with separate entries, It has a common central wall and consists of two living units. It is sold together and owned by an individual, while there are two floors. For both floors, it may have separate entry points.

 Duplexes generally have a hall, kitchen, and bedrooms on the lower floor while the upper floor houses the master bedroom. In which case it would be called a multiplex, a duplex always has two floors and never three or four floors.

 In western countries, where each floor is a separate dwelling altogether, duplex homes may even house two families. The owner family can always rent out one section of their property to tenants; duplexes can provide healthy rental returns. The entrance will be separate and a common wall will divide the large house into two, in such cases.

Difference between two-story house and duplex

In duplexes, while two-storied properties may be independent of each other and may or may not be connected, the floors are connected through a staircase.

Difference between duplex and villa

It is usually larger than a duplex house, a villa may or may not be a two-storied property.  In fact, when the rich and the famous moved to the countryside during the summers, the villa concept dates back to the Roman era. Today, yet are within a gated community villas may be independently owned homes in a plot of land. Such as a clubhouse, gym, pool, etc., unlike a duplex Villas also offer amenities.

Difference between duplex and penthouse

A penthouse is always located on the top floor of a multi-story building or apartment, unlike a duplex that is a two-storied property. As they offer a good view and are generally the only unit on that particular floor design, these units are expensive.

Difference between duplex and independent house to refer to villas, duplexes, and the like, the term ‘independent home’ is used interchangeably.  A duplex essentially has two floors; an independent house may have as many floors as desired.

What are the different types of duplex homes?

Side-by-side or as two floors, A duplex house can comprise living units designed.

• Standard duplex:  Where one floor is connected to the second floor by stairs, it is a two-story house.  The upper floors include bedrooms and the kids’ rooms while the lower floor comprises the living room and the kitchen.

• Ground duplex:  Wherein the lower floors face a garden and include the bedrooms, these are duplexes built on the ground floors of apartments.

• Low-rise duplex:  An attic on the second floor and It is a duplex house that includes spacious balconies. Usually, as compared to other types of duplex homes, it is built over a smaller area.

What is better: duplex or flat?

A duplex property will come with more responsibilities than a flat, while both kinds of properties have their own pros and cons. This means more expenses and the property would need more maintenance and upkeep. For flats, the experience would be limited to the space inside, while the maintenance would be less and there will be fewer responsibilities, as you would have to share the open spaces with other society members.

What are the problems with duplexes?

• It may lead to transmission of noise and common walls in a duplex. Even if only those living in one part are active, this might cause disturbance for the residents.

• In India, Duplex houses are not common. So, you might not find many options, if you are looking for one.

• Sharing the duplex could be a tricky situation, because of the commonality of the space involved, if you plan to rent out a part of your property. For a duplex home, it is also true that you would find it hard to get a tenant.

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