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How to Keep Your Home Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic 2021?

Can you get the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from your food? How should I do laundry now? Ordinary household tasks have turned into a source of doubt and anxiety as families fight with getting the basics done all while keeping their loved ones healthy and safe. Extensive misinformation about the COVID-19 puts everyone at risk and adds to the stress of having to clean fact from fiction.

While research into the COVID-19 virus is heading continuously, we all know that the virus is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person through coughing and sneezing, and touching surfaces infected with the virus. The virus may survive on surfaces for a few hours up to certain days. The good news is that simple disinfectants can kill the virus.

COVID-19 can spread in any place, even places where you feel completely safe, like your home. If even one person in your household comes into possession of COVID-19, it can spread to the rest of the people in your home. Here we are giving some tips on what you can do to keep COVID-19 away from your home.

Tips for keeping your Home Safe During COVID-19

? Make sure that reusable cloths should be disinfected or washed at 60 C after every use.

? Try to use an insubstantial paper towel or cloth as much as possible.

? Keep disinfecting the common surfaces.

Here are some daily disinfecting practices that can come to use:

Buckets and Mops:

It is suggested to use separate buckets for detergent and soaking. Buckets and Mops should be cleaned with disinfectants and dried after use.
Curtains can be disinfected and cleaned with the help of steam cleaning.


Make use of brushes and toilet cleaners on a regular basis. If you live in a place where water crystallization is a problem, then make sure that you clear away the limescale using the descaling product. Keep disinfecting toilet seats, rim and handle regularly. If they are used regularly then sink and clean bath time and again. And, if they have been used by any person who is ill, then disinfect them using disinfectants. Clean shower curtains on a regular basis.


Surfaces for food preparation must be cleaned before and after use. Use separate chopping boards for unbaked foods like raw meat or food which does not need cooking like salad leaves. Wash and dry your hands properly after handling raw meat.


Wash your hands properly after handling stained and dirty laundry. All towels, undergarments and household linen must be washed with a bleach-based laundry product at 60C or 40C to avoid germs and bacteria from spreading. Avoid washing clothes in the washing machine as germs can multiply quickly.

Domestic Animal

Always keep pet food away from human food. Wash and clean your hands properly after touching or handling animals and their food, cages, toys or litter trays. Keep bowls used for pet food separate.

Waste Disposal

Foot bins are considered more hygienic as they prevent the risk of germs on your hands. Regularly wash and clean your hands after handling useless materials. Throw away garbage carefully to prevent attracting insects and vermin.

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